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"We carry a new world here, in our hearts"
"Llevamos un mundo nuevo en nuestros corazones" , Buenaventura Durruti (1896-1936)


DHD Ltd. is  specialized in modeling, design and measurements in hydrotechnical field
In Slovenia water management praxis we want to bring an integral approach in a flood endangerment estimation, measures  planning and designing on a basis of  the most modern analysis tools and a top engineering knowledge. We are aware that partial water regime encroachments do not guarantee desired results. We are confident in interdiscplinary approach with cooperation of all relevant branches.

The company's strategic goal is to become the leading solutions provider in a mathematical modeling of natural processes field in the south-eastern Europe.  The  company is financing scholarship for a student in a water management and a water engineering field in a school year 2007/2008.

In the DHD Ltd. we are occupied with:
  • studies in a  flood safety field
  • hydraulic and hydrotechnical elaboration
  • flood risk mapping
  • comparison and feasibility studies in a hydrotechical view
  • estimation of encroachment influences on a water regime
  • all kinds of projects for a hydrotechnical works
  • projects for a stream corridor restorations
  • reviews of hydrotechnical projects
  • GIS solutions in water management and engineering
  • flood maps and flood damage maps in cope with EU directive on the assessment and management of floods
We are especially devoted and happy to cooperate on mathematical modeling of:
one, two and three dimensional unconfined flow in steady and unsteady regime, for riverine hydraulic as well as for specific details and objects (rivers, lakes, objects)
precipitation runoff from manmade and natural surfaces (roads, parkings, watersheds)river morphology
break waves (dams, levees)
all kinds of potential flow (ground water)
free surface and pressure flow on complex network level in  steady and unsteady regime (sewer and water networks)
transportation of inert and active matter in a water (suspended load and bedload, pollutants)
operational regimes of hydrotechnical objects (power stations, reservoirs)
optimization of encroachments and operations
sound spreading (noise protection)

We are using modern commercial tools, according to specific investor's demands and wishes we can also develop special methods and custom tools.


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