Tomaž Hojnik, B.S.C.E.

Born on 7.7.1969 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia.

1984-1988  Civil engineering secondary school in Maribor

1990-1997  Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering - University of Ljubljana, Hydraulics division.
                     Graduate work "Comparation of  HEC-2 and MIKE11 models on example of Pesnica river                      hydrosystem modeling" (work no. 270). Mentor prof. Matjaž Četina, ph.D.
                     pdf (without appendices, in Slovenian)

 1997-2007 Works at Water management Bureau Ltd., mainly on flood protection field and on more complex
                     projects. Introduces mathematical modeling in Slovenian hydroengineering praxis. First practical
                     use of 2D model outside of University in y.1999. First use of mudflow model in Slovenia in y.2001
                     after the tragic events in Log pod Mangartom. Beside work he also writes technical papers.

2007           Founds a company DHD Ltd.,  where he is also employed.

Father of two daughters, Arja (1999), Rina (2002) and a son Črtomir (2004).


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